Gemini Holding Supports the Noble Cause of the Great Little Fiat Expedition

The Great Little Fiat Expedition is underway, aiming to raise funds for children injured in road accidents and to improve road safety. Among the drivers is Rafał Sonik, a rally driver and CEO of Gemini Holding.

Starting on July 5th, 80 Fiat 126p cars are traveling a 3200 km route from Warsaw to Monte Cassino. This is the second edition of the “Great Little Fiat Expedition for Children” focused on helping young accident victims and promoting road safety for youth.

Rafał Sonik, with his impressive rally achievements, including a Dakar Rally win and nine FIM World Cup titles, is again an ambassador. As the CEO of Gemini Holding, Sonik leads a company known for engaging in various charitable activities. Gemini Holding manages Gemini Park Bielsko-Biała, Gemini Park Tychy, and Gemini Park Tarnów and is supporting this noble initiative.

Gemini Park’s social media profiles are sharing event updates, educational information, and a link to the official fundraiser, encouraging donations to reach the goal of 1 million euros. Help children injured in accidents #MaluchyDlaMaluchów:

Motorsport Icons Behind the Wheel

The Great Little Fiat Expedition involves not only motorsport legends like Longin Bielak, Sobiesław Zasada, Maciej Wisławski, Kajetan Kajetanowicz, and Bartosz Ostałowski but also everyone who cares about improving road safety for children and youth.

Statistics from the Great Little Fiat Expedition’s official website indicate that last year there were 1,778 road accidents involving children in Poland, resulting in 48 fatalities and 1,832 injuries. Such accidents occur almost daily, exemplified by a tragic incident in Borzęcin Duży, Mazovia, on July 5th, the expedition’s start date, where two boys were hit by a drunk driver, resulting in one fatality.

Funds raised will not only cover children’s medical treatment but also support various educational programs to improve road safety for children and youth, promoting proper road behavior and creating safe infrastructure.