Care for the natural environment, ecological education, as well as the development of positive and partnership relations with local communities, especially in Silesia, Podbeskidzie, and Małopolska, are the foundations of our social activity for three decades. Since the beginning of its existence, Gemini Holding has been involved in valuable initiatives, projects, and initiatives aimed at promoting responsible attitudes in society and business, and crucially – sustainable development. Also, through our shopping centers in Bielsko-Biała, Tarnów, and Tychy, we support dozens of local ecological, social, educational, cultural, and charitable initiatives. We believe that business can make the world a better place if it is sensitive to the social and natural environment.



SIEMACHA is a unique place, a space where young people can develop, seek new passions and talents.



Nasz Kasprowy (Our Kasprowy)

Our Kasprowy is a social initiative that was founded by Rafał Sonik, the CEO of Gemini Holding.



Czyste Tatry (Clean Tatras)

Taking care of the surrounding nature, fighting for its preservation, as well as education aimed at raising awareness of contemporary problems and challenges related to environmental protection, are at the heart of our activities.