Fielmann Strengthens Optical Offering at Gemini Park in Bielsko-Biała and Tarnów

The optical offering at Gemini Park centers is growing stronger thanks to a collaboration with Fielmann. This global brand, boasting over 1,000 stores worldwide, entered Gemini Park Bielsko-Biała in January, and this spring, another outlet will also open in Tarnów.

Fielmann has been a market presence for over 50 years. In its optical stores, customers can find a wide range of modern and classic frames. The selection includes the trendiest global brands, as well as glasses from Fielmann’s proprietary collections, renowned for their stylish design, superb quality, and affordability. In addition to frames, the store offers a variety of optical accessories and contact lenses.

Joining the tenant-mix of the Bielsko-Biała gallery, Fielmann now stands alongside other optical brands such as Vision Express and Interoptyk, which are already partners with Gemini Park Bielsko-Biała. The new 126 sqm salon is Fielmann’s first in Bielsko-Biała and the eleventh in Silesia. This opening signifies the start of the partnership between Gemini Park centers and Fielmann. In the upcoming months, the brand is set to debut in Gemini Park Tarnów, enhancing the center’s optical range, which currently includes Vision Express and Optyk Kwaśniak. The launch of this more than 90 sqm location is scheduled for spring 2024.

In Poland, increasing awareness of eye diseases and vision impairments is fueling interest in optical salons. Yet, their number is still less than in Western European countries. In Poland, there is typically one salon per 10,000 inhabitants, compared to about 8,000 in Germany and around 5,000 in France.

– Fashionable frames are an essential accessory for many, helping to accentuate personality and individual style. It’s estimated that more than half of the Polish population has vision impairments. Around 20 million wear glasses, and over a million use contact lenses. By catering to such a large consumer group, we have expanded our tenant-mix to include the Fielmann brand, opening its first stores in Bielsko-Biała and Tarnów – says Joanna Zemczak, Head of Lease at Gemini Holding.

– Choosing an optical salon with a team of qualified experts and advisors who can assist in selecting the right glasses for your face, and offering a range of products tailored to individual customer needs, is crucial. The Fielmann optical salon in Gemini Park will excel in these areas – says Dariusz Sądowski, General Manager of Fielmann Polska.

– With the opening of the new Fielmann salon in Gemini Park Bielsko-Biała, residents now have a new destination for finding unique eyewear and specialist support. We are thrilled about our partnership with Gemini Park centers, especially since Bielsko-Biała is just one of the locations where we will be working together – adds Kajetan Sulewski, Expansionsmanager at Fielmann AG.

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